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Greetings to all :)

I don't think I have made a post here yet, so I am going to start out with an essay I wrote on FFX for the Religion in the Movies class I took this semester...

I had wanted to post this before I actually turned the essay in so I could use you all as expert editors, but alas, I ended up finishing this just hours before it was due...but if anyone chooses to read it, I would still love constructive feedback...if there are ideas that are underdeveloped, or maybe points I hammered into the ground a bit too much...even glaring grammatical errors (I did shift some sentences between paragraphs since turning in the final, and it's very probably I did not smooth those edits over as well I should have...)

I'm also not going to post my bibliography, but I've left in any internal citations, so if anyone is curious about my sources just ask :)

And finally just a couple of disclaimers for myself...this is about 3500 words (ten pages double spaced), which is much shorter than I wish it could be. Because of the page limit, I could not truly explore many of the concepts I would've liked, and I have left out many, many elements from the game that the FFX community would consider important, so that I could focus instead on my thesis theme...this is definitely not the best essay I've ever written, I think I've probably made more profound statements in some of the comments I've left on here, but, we work under the cirumstances we are given...with a formal paper and an audience not familiar with the game, certain changes must be made.

Also, there is a personal reflection there towards the end...it was part of the paper's requirments, and I was going to take it out to post on here since it isn't really about the game, but the conclusary paragraph relies a bit on the reflection paragraph...so if you choose to skip over that bit, I won't be offended :)

Oh, and though it probably goes without saying...big time spoiler warnings for FFX.

That said, I present...
Journey of the Moon: Pilgrimage and Symbolism in Final Fantasy XCollapse )

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So what do you think the three goddesses in FF6 are supposed to be/represent as far as myth goes? I've never actually encountered such a thing in myth quite like this, mostly just three "faces" of one goddess.

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Revival time!! I want to see if I can get a little discussion going...

Basically I've been/will be playing through the pre-PS FFs. One thing that interests me is the use of Tolkien in these games - although I was aware of it in FFVII - with "mythril" - I don't think I realised how prevelant it was in the older games. Well FFIV anyway - with the Sylvan Cave, the Dwarves, mythril again - and even the idea of higher beings watching over the developing world - and one going evil - which to me seems like the Ainur in LOTR and Sauron going evil. I'm sure there is a lot more as well. So anymore Tolkien fans out there wish to discuss the relation between Tolkien and FF? Or even Norse mythology as well as it ties in with Tolkien - and the Nordic influence is quite apparent as well.

I think I feel guilty as I seem to know less about the mythologies in my own country than I do about others so I've decided to try and learn more about mythologies from the UK. So I was watching a program the other night about the myth of Holy Grail being in Britain and the Arthurian legends. They started talking about the mythical place of Avalon and I realised that that name really rings a bell - is it in a FF? I think there may be a place called Elvaron isn't there? There are also some Arthurian influences in FF - like the sword Excalibur for example. And also some examples from Celtic mythologies - like "Cait Sith" being the king of the fairy cats. Anymore examples people can think of?
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Hi! I'm new. :D Umm.. been here a little while, but was sort of contemplating this thought that I will now present to you. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this, but I feel like I did make it up. That may be sort of conceited of me, but I haven't seen many others do this.

Well, umm... the idea is, like, fake research. Yeah. It's the idea that, if the information provided is faux (being that it's not been released by the creator), but it seems valid, then it's "official" information. Take, for example, the statistics of these vehicles from Final Fantasy 8. Believe it or not, they were made up by a German fansite, and have been translated numerous times (I mean, it even says "These statistics are not official and were created by so-and-so!" on their site). But a lot of people are considering it to be "official" information, because, first, there isn't any official information, and second, it's believable.

I've exercised this idea in my quarter-finished creation, shinra_library. For example, the ShinRa HQ layout article has been used on other sites (well, only two ^^;), though I've made it up. It seems like official hoohaw, but even though it isn't, people still consider it good information. There's also this Before Crisis website that has standard-issue ShinRa weaponry, and it looks great, albeit made up.

Uhh... yeah, I pretty much reiterated the same idea a bunch of times. Sorry. ^_^ But my purpose was to share this and see if it is something that is frowned upon or otherwise is not liked (being unofficial and all). So... yeah. Thanks for reading this. ♥
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Random Debate topic:

In FF8, the spaceship Ragnarok exists. It was abandoned/left in space (been a while, details are fuzzy) until Rinoa and Squall happened to randomly drift by and get onto it.

Why do you think the spaceship is called Ragnarok, and what significance does it hold with it's name and the events surrounding it?

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I am extremely new to Final Fantasy fandom, having just started and completed IV, VI, and VII over the last two months or so... So I don't know if what I have to say is just repetitive, or what. But I think there's less out there on the earlier games than there is for VII and up, so maybe not?

(This mini-essay was originally part of a much longer essay I am still in the process of writing, analyzing FFVI plot/characters.)

snippety snip (Kefka and the Tarot)Collapse )

Of course, if anyone here is more familiar with the tarot than I am, I would very much appreciate input/corrections! (One of the things I want to do next is to see if the other characters match up with tarot cards as well.)
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Good day everybody, the name’s Miguel and I am pretty cool friends with the creators of this community. Today is my first post here, and I am quite pleased with it. This entry was originally supposed to compare and contrast meteor of FF7 with Judgment Day. But I decided to compare the Lifestream attack unleashed by the planet of FF7 to Judgment Day. Please keep in mind that I am not fully aware of all the religious details. I do attend church, but not as much as the average person. I mostly learn religious stories from allot of my really religious friends. So if I happen to be incorrect about my translation of Judgment Day, then feel free to correct me.

Other then that, I hope you enjoy my entry! :

Judgment Day and Final Fantasy 7”Collapse )
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Challenge: leave or take as you please :D I thought it was a good idea to get some more posting or something going in the community

What can you come up with in myth for Maduin/Madeen, the esper from FF6?

FF Compendium: Madeen
FF Compendium: FF6 Characters

o_O I came up with.. well apparently, it's a place in Idaho.

I don't think there is much about Maduin though. XD; Oh well.

a bit more summon infoCollapse )
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From what I've heard, most fans believe "Safer" Sephiroth is a mistranslation of "Seraph" Sephiroth...
but I was browsing Amazon.com, and noticed a book that covers "Sepher Sephiroth", which sounds a lot closer to "safer" than "seraph" does... I'm trying to dig up more into on what the Sepher Sephiroth IS, but from what I can gather atm, it's another version of the Sephirot/h?
Here's a link to the book 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley: Including Gematria and Sepher Sephiroth (via Amazon) that caught my attention with the mention of Sepher Sephiroth.
Based loosely on this Wiki article, "Sepher Sephiroth" might be (in the sense of our beloved game), "Creation Sephiroth" (I am, by no means, knowledgeable of Hebrew), which in a way makes sense - angels and creation and whatnot (I'm still trying to get my head around this).
Pre-posting Edit: Ok, based on "Hilkot Yetzirah" meaning "Rules of Creation" and "Sepher Yetzirah" meaning "Book of Creation", rule out the above "Creation Sephiroth" thing. (it would have been a cool idea, though)
Of course, that is drawing from a Wiki article; such things need to be taken with a grain of salt.

Useful other spelling:

Misc Thoughts:
How is "Safer Sephiroth" written in the Japanese version of FFVII?

Continuing researching into this...
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I'm mostly paraphrasing this information from Glenn Morrow's Plot Analysis.

Christian and Kabbalistic Symbolism in FFVIICollapse )

And there you have it, a hopefully shorter version of Glen Morrow's catalogue of symbolism in FFVII.
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