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Judgment Day and Final Fantasy 7

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Good day everybody, the name’s Miguel and I am pretty cool friends with the creators of this community. Today is my first post here, and I am quite pleased with it. This entry was originally supposed to compare and contrast meteor of FF7 with Judgment Day. But I decided to compare the Lifestream attack unleashed by the planet of FF7 to Judgment Day. Please keep in mind that I am not fully aware of all the religious details. I do attend church, but not as much as the average person. I mostly learn religious stories from allot of my really religious friends. So if I happen to be incorrect about my translation of Judgment Day, then feel free to correct me.

Other then that, I hope you enjoy my entry! :

From what I understand, Judgment Day is when God will unleash total destruction upon the earth when sins such as murder cease, thus killing many. Nevertheless, those who are killed during Judgment Day and in the past will be judged by God individually. There are three groups of people in this situation. Those who will be allowed in heaven (the very good ones I assume) those who will remain on Earth (the average) and those who will remain dead, never to wake up (very bad sinners.) What I find interesting is that Judgment Day is considered a “gift.” And it’s a gift that we won’t apparently receive until all sins among humans come to an end, so I’ve been told.

As for Judgment Day’s connection to Final Fantasy VII, I think it fits rather well. Orginally, I was going to compare it to meteor, but I think it relates more to the Lifestream attack unleashed by the planet. I know a few of you here like the idea of Jenova being “the devil,” but I don’t think it fits my point of view. To me, the planet in FF7 resembles “God,” seeing as it judges the people in FF7, and accepting people into the Lifestream (heaven) just as our God does. The same thing happened to Cloud in Advent Children. He was killed in an explosion, but was sent back by Aerith (an angel) because it was not Cloud’s time to enter the Lifestream (heaven.) It’s quite possible all of those who die in the world of FF7 are judged before being allowed in the Lifestream perhaps Rufus Shinra was even judged and was sent back. He might have died in the hospital, but Aerith sent him back to help rebuild the planet. Just a theory!

Now as for whom in FF7 is considered the devil, I like to think its Sephiroth. The devil in our world was jealous and tried to take God’s position, if not that, and then become even more powerful. Sephiroth is doing the same thing as the devil, and that’s increasing his strength and become a God himself. So, his plan is to use meteor to harm the planet (God) and absorb its energy thus increasing his own. I hope I am making sense. I’m not sure how to incorporate Jenova in this theory, except by thinking of her as the essence of evil.

Ok, a bit off topic. Judgment Day is supposed to happen when the humans change their evil ways, but the FF7 planet (God) unleashed its wrath because its people wouldn’t STOP doing evil. It was the people’s inconsideration of the planet’s well being (draining mako for years) which made the planet use the Lifestream (heaven) as a weapon to destroy Midgar.

This is why I like to think that Judgment Day and The Lifesteam assault are mirror images of one another, just like Squall and Seifer. Both events occur for opposite reasons, but in the end, the goal is pretty much the same. Both Judgment Day and The Lifestream assault was to teach humans not to take life for granted, and simply enjoy the life humans were given.

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On July 2nd, 2006 04:26 pm (UTC), yrena commented:
Very tired, but will try anyway
Those who will be allowed in heaven (the very good ones I assume) those who will remain on Earth (the average) and those who will remain dead, never to wake up (very bad sinners.)

That pretty much reflects the beliefs of the Mormon church, although there is a third kingdom (not a heaven) for those who are the serious sinners that wont repent and ask for forgiveness et ctra.

But, Lifestream did not destroy Midgar, in the end of FF7 you see Meteor causing whirlwinds that destroy it before Meteor even reaches the surface of Midgar (which is higher than the crust of the planet). When Holy is unleashed, it meets Meteor and interacts with it, just ending up making it worse (Sorry, Aerith, your stupid materia sucked XD lol sorry). - I also think Holy is what caused Geostigma to start, because if you read "On a way to a smile" you find out that it doesn't just affect those who have Jenova in their bodies. In the FMV, you only ever see Lifestream curling about, and then UP, at the Meteor which has not reached the planet.

Hmm, and actually I think Lucifer wasn't trying to take God's position but actually it was something about us being able to get bodies like God's and being able to have a free will to choose..
He was the first born and like God's right hand man, and they called him "Light in Glory" or something, which is pretty much what his name means.. I'm very vague right now since I need sleep, but.. He wanted to do something and God didn't want to with the free will thing, so there was a big fight and he and his followers were cast out from Heaven, which started the whole fallen angel thing.
I'll have to ask to be reminded for the details from my mother.

Also a note, with an interesting tidbit, and not entirely off topic... I just remembered when I read your entry.
- My mother knows nothing of FF7, it's world or anything like that. She's only ever seen FF Spirits Within, which just had the ghost of the planet thing (if you've seen it, it does resemble a real world FF7 type..)
She once told me out of the blue when we were just talking about nothing in particular about paranormal stuff like spirits, that in the bible there is references to our planet, Earth, Terra or what have you, being as a living entity. Just not like you and me, but still living. She said there was some passages that chilled her, and she tried quoting one: "And the planet screamed in agony" about some event. SHE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT FF7 AND THE PLANET SCREAMING STUFF. It's kinda freaky, if you ask me, but I certainly can believe our planet is alive. o_o
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On July 2nd, 2006 04:51 pm (UTC), neo_rufus replied:
Re: Very tired, but will try anyway
Yeah I thought I had a few of the beliefs a bit different. :P

As for what destroyed Midgar, I believe Marlene in the start of AC stated that the planet use the Lifestream as a weapon. But I suppose it was the combination of Meteor and Holy which resulted in everything being whipped out, but I think the Lifestream also helped in Midgar’s destruction.

As for how Geostigma started, it wasn’t Holy, well at least not the main cause. When Jenova and Sephiroth were defeated, Jenova cells were released into the Lifestream, thus tainting it. Then the Lifestream gushed on the planet, and those who came in contact with became infected. Cloud made contact with the tainted Lifestream the moment he beat Sephiroth, and I guess Rufus became infected when the Lifestream flowed through the Shin-Ra building. As for everybody else, they touched it somehow. But yeah, Holy did make a mess, but I guess it was better then losing the entire planet all together. :P

But I did see parts “On A Way To A Smile” and became aware of how Holy effected those with Jenova cells. That’s quite ironic if anything. It makes you wonder why Aerith didn’t warn Cloud that it would be a burden to him. I guess she figured Cloud would want her to summon it anyway.

Nevertheless, thanks for speaking your views about religion. I need that. ;)
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On July 2nd, 2006 05:16 pm (UTC), neo_rufus replied:
Re: Very tired, but will try anyway
That was a very interesting point your mother made, and I couldn’t agree more. I do consider the planet pretty much alive in some kind of form. Just like the people in FF7, we to harm our planet without any intention of stopping anytime soon. In a way, we are very similar to those in FF7. It would be interesting if we were in a crisis similar to the game, and how the entire world will put their differences aside just to stay alive. It just makes one wonder how much it will take for us to stop harming our very own planet.
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On July 2nd, 2006 09:29 pm (UTC), bangbangshinra replied:
Re: Very tired, but will try anyway
I'm not doubting you but I just wondered where in Maiden did it say that Holy helped Stigma? I can't remember reading that bit - but I know that those who touched the lifestream got contaminated with Jenova cells.

Just a thought on that - did Cloud get Stigma coz he already had Jenova cells in him? I was just wondering how all the SOLDIER members would have been affected. And I never understood why some people died instantly after coming into contact with the Lifestream (ie in Smile - Case of Denzel) - and others like Rufus get it much later? I'm not expecting you to answer that or anything - its more rhetorical - just the ideas have been buzzin bout my brain
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On July 2nd, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC), bangbangshinra replied:
Re: Very tired, but will try anyway
Oh and that planet thing - thats pretty deep. I never knew it said anything like that in the Bible - especially the screaming thing - its a bit creepy actually that your mum would know and tell you all that yet know nothing about FF7.Wierd.
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On July 2nd, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC), mimi_sardinia replied:
Re: Very tired, but will try anyway
Hmm, and actually I think Lucifer wasn't trying to take God's position but actually it was something about us being able to get bodies like God's and being able to have a free will to choose..

I don't know about the Mormon take on it but the version I've heard on Lucifer is that he got proud and wanted to take over Jesus' role as second only to God (which is an impossibility as angels are created beings while Jesus is God the Son - eternal as God the Father).
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On July 2nd, 2006 09:24 pm (UTC), bangbangshinra commented:
Hey thanks so much for posting your essy!

Wow this is all pretty deep - and a bit freaky to me - so I'm just gonna concentrate mostly on FF7 rather than indepth religion - I definately agree with your "Lifestream=God" theory - mostly because of the Judgement thing - in FF the planet judges souls routinely ie when people die - and then Holy was a mass judging - like "Judgement Day" - that all makes sense to me.

And as for Sephiroth = Satan - that has always made sense as well - mainly from the Fallen Angel idea or in FF terms One Winged Angel - and now you have added to this by saying that he wanted to become a God himself and achieve ultimate power - I'm not sure about the details but I'm pretty sure that Satan was jealous of God - I know Yrena says Satan didn't try to take God's position - but I think there must have been something like that - as he did become the ultimate evil. He schemed didn't he? - maybe he tried ti use God like Sephiroth tried to use the Lifestream. Or something I'm getting a little confused now lol - its late ^ ^

But as for the planets actually Judgement - it seems to have forgiveness like God does - it must have looked into the hearts of humans and saw that there was repentfulness there - and gave them a second chance at life - would make sense with Rufus anyway - he was the head of Shinra - Shinra was the main threat to the planet after Sephiroth - and yet the planet didn't destroy him - it must have seen that Rufus could repent for his wrongs ( I had to find a reason to add Rufus to this didn't I :D)

But great entry - I enjoyed reading it (even though it was a little heavy for this time of night XD)
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On July 3rd, 2006 03:39 pm (UTC), neo_rufus replied:
Hey, no problem friend. It was fun. ;)

It's good to hear that you agree about Sephiroth being considered Satan. Heh, its cool seeing two theories work well together. I'm almost sure that was the case, Satan trying to overpower God. Not saying the reason Yrena stated was wrong or anything, but I can imagine it was just part of it. I knew there were so many terms and various translations for religion, I just I knew more about it. But I am looking forward about learning the hidden meanings of various names. I’ve learned quite a bit thus far here. ;)

The planet was quite forgiving, wasn't it? I can imagine it was still quite mad during the events of AC, but defiantly forgiving. I really like the idea of the planet sparing Rufus Shinra. I never thought of it like that, but it’s a very creative way of looking at it.

I’m quite touched that you read this and commented while you were tired. Hope you feel better today.

I'll be sure to update again soon. ;)
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On July 2nd, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC), mimi_sardinia commented:
This is the first time I have heard of three classifications of people in Judgement Day - the versions I have heard are always a simpler binary view, you're either righteous or you're a sinner and you get sent to Heaven or "Hell" (I don't believe in the traditionalist Hell) depending on which group you are judged to belong.

Also, I've never heard of the "when humans change their evil ways" bit either, it's more "too evil to let continue".
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On July 3rd, 2006 04:00 pm (UTC), neo_rufus replied:
Yeah, I'm more familiar with the 2 groups righteous and sinners as well. I just posted the three groups because it was quite new to me, and wanted to hear the comments about it. But yeah, your view sounds like the one I believe in. :)
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