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A community dedicated to researching the Final Fantasy 7 (and more!) world and it's symbolism in depth. We are interested in the influences used to create Final Fantasy VII - the world, its story and its characters. Though our research mainly focuses on mythology and legends - we are also interested in historical, religious, and philosophical influences also - or anything else you can think of! And we also appreciate the research of other Final Fantasy's(and other games). Enjoy!

Tags are appreciated, so readers can filter out posts for a particular topic.

Please be courtious to other members, even if you do not agree with their ideas and research - please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
And basically, take everything with a grain of salt, because reading what others think and find is half the fun! It's all about opening up to knew ideas and interpreting.

Post what you can, as every little bit of information helps.

Try and stick to the topics of the community - research of myths etc.

Give sources/links where possible for reference for other members.
But due to the nature of the community, it's not strictly required.

This isn't exactly a debate community, but we enjoy discussions about the research posted. If you'd like to debate things like "Who's stronger? Squall or Cloud?" though, then there's already a great community for that at new_shinra87.

Just have fun with it!


bangbangshinra and berrykitten

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